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We are an early stage frontier technology focused VC firm investing primarily in the US and Israel

We invest in category leading startups developing disruptive technologies that solve the world's hardest problems. We add value to our portfolio companies by relying on our extensive experience, track record, and our global relationships with early adopter partners and customers.

Why GFT Ventures?

Our team is passionate about working with entrepreneurs who understand the power of frontier technology. Our domain expertise, global network and investment experience add direct value to our portfolio companies.  

We put founders first. We help you scale your business from an early stage startup to a high growth company by providing all the resources you need to drive success.

Domain expertise and experience building & scaling companies 

Strong global corporate networks 

Impactful board member & thought partner

Intros that move the needle 

Areas of Interests

AI / Data Science

Autonomous / Robotics


Digital Healthcare

frontier technology

Why Frontier Tech?

Modern artificial intelligence (AI), data science techniques and other frontier technologies have ushered in a new era of accelerated computing, raising the bar for SW, HW and systems development across all industries.


Traditional business models are at fundamental risk of becoming obsolete if they do not quickly evolve and adopt. Our investment team focuses on startups that are looking to innovate in these exciting areas. 

Meet our team

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