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We support entrepreneurs changing the world through frontier technology

Frontier tech

We are an early stage frontier technology focused VC firm investing primarily in the US and Israel

We invest in category leading startups developing disruptive technologies that solve the world's hardest problems

Areas of Interests


Data Science




Digital Healthcare

We're passionate about working with entrepreneurs who understand the power of deep technology

“I have known Jay for almost 14 years and fully endorse him as a venture capitalist, board member, colleague, and friend. During our long journey, he has been helpful to me and our company numerous times with strategic connections and ideas. Jay was very early to recognize the potential of our team’s strong technical expertise in voice recognition and natural language processing. He facilitated several strategic connections which resulted in customer and investment commitments from multiple corporate partners with global footprint, contributing to $300M+ of funding and strategic alliances reaching over 2 billion users.”

- Keyvan Mohajer, Founder and CEO of Soundhound

We are a uniquely skilled team with extensive investment, operational, business development, and technical experience

We have proven track records in frontier technology areas and many successful exits

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Palo Alto

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