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NFT Startup Unblocked raises seed round at $90M valuation from Tiger Global, Dapper Labs, Jay-Z

Harrison Wang has a theory: More people would buy non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, if this category of blockchain-based art and trading cards were called something else.

“I think when people think NFT's, it's just daunting for them,” he says. “So that’s why we’ve been calling them ‘digital collectibles.’ It’s also why we rebranded.” Yes, investor and early customer feedback informed him and his cofounders that the name for their The Non Fungible Token Company stunk. So they’ve changed it to, simply, Unblocked, a nod to the startup’s mission to remove some hurdles to purchasing NFTs.

Those investors recently showered Unblocked in real-life money: It has raised a $10 million seed round at a $90 million valuation, a high price tag for such an early round—even in crypto, where heady numbers abound. Tiger Global led the investment, which included the maker of NBA Top Shots, Dapper Labs; the singer Shawn Mendes; Jay-Z’s Marcy Ventures Partners; and Oaktree Capital Management.

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